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Well, the second week of my journey has come and gone. This week saw me in Dallas, Austin, and currently Houston, the most notable cities in Texas. Most of my time was spent visiting friends in Dallas and Austin -- friends I see all to infrequently, and won't again for a long while.

First I visited with Michael, Sarah, Heath, Tiffany, London, Dana, and James in a familiar meeting place: Sushi on McKinney. Tiffany had (and enjoyed?) sushi for the first time, though London is still probably a bit young to take the plunge. After that we headed to some new place to get gelatto -- food that was enjoyed by those of all ages.

Next I met up with Doug, Ken, Gringo, and Squirrel -- all employees of a leading videogame producer in Dallas. We wined and dined at Joe's Crab Shack in the West End with the beautiful waitress Tracy (whose phone number I *may* have been able to get, had I pressed it).

Then down in Austin I joined Gina and Terrence for some good gyro action (which one of the other customers insisted on pronouncing "Jye-row", the savage). After that we went out for a drink, after finding a bar that didn't require one of the expensive wristbands for the South By Southwest festival going on at the time.

That night, and the remaining nights, I hung out with Mike and Eryka at their new house in Leander. In addition to enjoying some of Eryka's fabulous cooking, we went out for a 3-4 mile hike along Barton Creek (?) with Mischief, their aptly named dog (which has unmatched eyes: one blue, one brown).

Finally, I met up with Random and two other guys who shall remain nameless for their protection (as I intend to recount our conversations later). We whittled away the afternoon in a six-hour lunch break near the lazy river at a great BBQ joint (whose name I forget).

Then, bright and early Saturday afternoon I got out of bed and hit the road to New Orleans, though I stopped for tea and dinner in Houston -- from where I type this email.

Once the traffic dies down and I get some grub, I intend to head out and find a nice comfy spot in the Bayou in which to curl up and sleep. After that, a full day in New Orleans. I can't wait, and I'll let you know all about it!

-david :)

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