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Hello, and welcome to the 360ToGo mailing list. This is the first posting, and is using a newly-created mailing system, so please forgive any glitches.

First, thanks to all the people that sent in words of encouragement -- it's a strange journey I'm on, and it's good to get verification that I'm not totally crazy for going on this trip.

Second, thanks for joining this list. Though I've been able to post stories to the website with surprisingly frequency so far, I'm not sure how long that will last. As my rate of posting slows, I'll be sure to send out notifications so you won't need to remember to randomly check in the future.

Third, feel free to reply to any of these messages, as the replies go straight to me (for now). However, the replies will not go out to the list at large. If you really want me to implement some sort of discussion system, please let me know and I'll be happy to oblige (though I make no promises as to timeframes).

Finally, do not hesitate to suggest my website or this mailing list to anyone you know -- the more worldly the better. I've already received a number of great suggestions of places to go and people to meet, as well as offers of places to stay when in town. My hope with this site and list is to get even more suggestions and offers. As such, if you could refer anybody you know that you think can help me out to this list and website, I'd be very thankful.

That's all for now, but I won't be a stranger in the future. See ya round!

-david :)

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