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At the heart of the University of Michigan is the brass M. Many a legend is bourne from this fixture's powers. Step on it before your first bluebook and you'll fail. However, by running from it to the puma's while the clocktower strikes twelve, you can undo the curse. Slither over it like a snake if you lose a bargain, or run over it naked after the last exams. During the days the M is covered by preachers, hippies, protesters, and even students. At night it's been home to candlelight vigils, romantic walks, and cries of anguish from those that stepped into the ancient curse and mystery of the M.

The Michigan League is home to many tales, most of which are involve a mysterious creature called P.A.T. Heidi, who I recently visited in DC, worked at the League for some time and interacted with said creature on a regular basis. I, however, recall little of the league other than exploring its dark rooms one doorknob at a time at night, and the nice cafeteria that opened in its basement as I was graduating.

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