Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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In the basement of a shi-shi restaurant in DC is the Brickskeller, a bar/restaurant known best for it's beer menu of over one thousand beers. That's right, a thousand (though they regretfully admit that a hundred or so may be out of stock at any point in time. Shameful). I'm happy to report that they had Youngs Oatmeal Stout. And Linemans Framboise. And Spaten, and Hoegaarden, and Moretti, He'Brew (both Genesis Ale and Messiah Stout), Lucifer, Bitburger, Red Stripe, Taj Mahal, Chang Elephant Beer (Thailand), Zambezi (Zimbawe), Lion (Sri Lanka), Tusker (Kenya) -- basically every beer I've ever heard of, and nine-hundred more, are there. The beer menu is 22 pages long -- it's a bit intimidating. I gave it my best, but only made it through 0.3% of the menu. 99.7% to go...

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