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Immediately after graduating college -- like three days after I walked off the stage -- I was in Dallas starting a new job. By and large, I really like Dallas. It's a great city full of lots of fantastic restuarants and wonderful people. I have many very, vey good memories from that city, and have met many friends that I intend to keep for a long time. Revisting Dallas and the people there was a lot of fun, as well as exploring the new nooks of Dallas that appeared since my last visit.

Next door to the American Airlines Arena are the crumbling ruins of some nameless factory. Accelerating the natural effects of weather and gravity were two friends that I'll call "Basher" and "Crusher".

Basher, seen on the left, is equipped with a big poking jackhammer-thing, while Crusher has a powerful claw. I sat and watched the two dismantle the building for a long time. Basher would reach into the innards of the building, lock on to some major support beam, and then enable the jackhammer. Though I was standing a good block away, the rapid-fire "tong tong tong" from the jackhammer jarred my teeth. Eventually, Basher's strength would overpower the beam, and another truckload of debris would crumble away.

Crusher, on the right, would use its claw to sift amongst Basher's rubble and lift out huge chunks of steel and concrete, setting them in a nearby pile. Just like a crab picking bits of food from the nearby shells and rocks, Crusher picks out the diamonds amongst the rough.
When I was moving away from Dallas in 2000, they had just started construction on the new American Airlines Center. The AAC is a brand-new, state-of-the-art basketball stadium for the Dallas Mavericks. Upon the recommendation of my lunch-waiter, I walked up to the front door to seek a tour of the facility. I pulled on the doors: locked.

After wandering around for a while, I eventually saw a bunch of press people going in and out of a side entrance. I got in line and just followed some guy in, hoping to blend in with the crowd. We got a few steps in and started down the stairs into the guts of the building, when a guard called out that she wanted to search our bags. We set our bags down on the table as the guard went through. Not finding anything of interest in my predecessor's bags, he was free to go. Next she set upon my bags, and all was going fine, until she stumbled upon my toothbrush. She looked up in confusion and asked, "Are you with the press?" Figuring the gig was up, I... [more]
Without exception, my favorite bar in the entire world is the Gingerman in Dallas. It has an absolutely huge selection of imported beers: something like seventy on tap, and another hundred in bottle. Furthermore, it is one of the few places I can find my all-time-favorite beer, on tap or in a bottle: Young's Oatmeal Stout. Smoother than Samuel Smiths and sweeter than Guiness, Young's is the creme of the crop (as far as stouts go).
Hello, and welcome to the 360ToGo mailing list. This is the first posting, and is using a newly-created mailing system, so please forgive any glitches.

First, thanks to all the people that sent in words of encouragement -- it's a strange journey I'm on, and it's good to get verification that I'm not totally crazy for going on this trip.

Second, thanks for joining this list. Though I've been able to post stories to the website with surprisingly frequency so far, I'm not sure how long that will last. As my rate of posting slows, I'll be sure to send out notifications so you won't need to remember to randomly check in the future.

Third, feel free to reply to any of these messages, as the replies go straight to me (for now). However, the replies will not go out to the list at large. If you really want me to implement some sort of discussion system, please let me know and I'll be happy to oblige (though I make no promises as to timeframes).

Finally... [more]
I have many good memories of Dallas. Some of them are extremely good. One of my best memories is of the Cresent Building.

While in Dallas, I was enamored with a girl named Sasha. Ohh... Sasha. Everyone was enamored with Sasha. But anyway. One night I was coding away at work when I received a phone call. I answered, to hear Sasha explain how she and April, another wonderful girl, were going out on a double-date: April with her boyfriend, and Sasha with someone else. However, for some reason Sasha's date had to cancel (sucks to be him), and as such, Sasha was looking for a date. I was only too happy to comply. However, Sasha then informed me that I needed to dress up. Lucky for me, I had recently purchased a nice suit, and it even happened to be clean. I raced home, donned the suit, and headed to the Cresent Building for dinner. Given my late notice, I was to meet them at the restaurant. Accordingly, I drove up to the front door and handed the keys to the valet. Through the door... [more]
Dallas has a wonderful skyline. When I first moved to Dallas, it seemed so familiar, though I'd never seen the city before. Eventually I remembered that we had a huge picture of the Dallas skyline in the basement when I was growing up -- I never knew it was of Dallas until I actually saw it for myself.

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