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I have many good memories of Dallas. Some of them are extremely good. One of my best memories is of the Cresent Building.

While in Dallas, I was enamored with a girl named Sasha. Ohh... Sasha. Everyone was enamored with Sasha. But anyway. One night I was coding away at work when I received a phone call. I answered, to hear Sasha explain how she and April, another wonderful girl, were going out on a double-date: April with her boyfriend, and Sasha with someone else. However, for some reason Sasha's date had to cancel (sucks to be him), and as such, Sasha was looking for a date. I was only too happy to comply. However, Sasha then informed me that I needed to dress up. Lucky for me, I had recently purchased a nice suit, and it even happened to be clean. I raced home, donned the suit, and headed to the Cresent Building for dinner. Given my late notice, I was to meet them at the restaurant. Accordingly, I drove up to the front door and handed the keys to the valet. Through the door and up the elevator I went, to the top floor.

Sasha and April, quite possibly the two prettiest girls in Dallas, were dressed in stunning black dresses. April's boyfriend was in a suave suit, as was I. We were dressed to impress that night. However, there was no one to impress: for some reason the restaurant, one of the ritziest places in town, was empty. Not that it was closed, but rather we had it all to ourselves. Therefore we managed to get the prime table: complete with a stellar view of the Dallas skyline. In addition, we had the entire waitstaff attending to our needs.

The food was fantastic. Four courses went by in a blur, and I'm high on life.

After dinner, we walked over to the lounge, which was empty except for a dance floor, a piano player, and us. We danced for a long while, literally as long as there was music. When the lid went down on the keys, we went down the elevator, to our respective cars, and into the night. Oh, but what a night.

The uppermost death-star-like window in the central spire was where our table was located.

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