Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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The road between San Diego and Santa Fe, though not terribly spectacular, did have some highlights. In particular, I managed to have my first date shake and visit the Mission San Jose de Laguna. However, the most memorable portion was the wind. Ohh, the wind. It was howling from the moment I set foot on the pedal. In addition to the wind, was the fog. Or the snow. Or the tumbleweeds. Anything and everything that can be blown by wind was blown by wind, generally right into my path. However, the wind wasn't all bad. Indeed, there was one very pleasent side-effect of the incessant wind, which I found when I stopped to sleep at a nameless exit in the middle of nowhere: it makes the stars sparkle all the more. And that makes it all worth it.

Looming over I-5 north of San Diego is a beautiful Mormon (I think) temple. When lit up fully, its spires shine majestically into the night sky in a brilliant spectacle.
For untold miles of nameless road, I was barraged with ads for the World Famous Date Shake. Now, I like dates. My family makes this "date pudding" (though it's actually more like a cake) that is to die for. But a date shake? I was skeptical. Anyway, the advertising worked on my puny mind, and I pulled into the zero-light town of Dateland. And I have to say, the shake was darn good. Well worth the stop.
"Laguna people believed that they emerged from the underworld of Shi'pop. After this emergence from the Fifth World, they were foretold that they would know their final destination, Kawaike, or natural lake, by the sign of a cross. The cross would indicate the four directions of Creator and Holy Spirit. This sign was witnessed by the people in the year 1699 when a Franciscan Friar, carrying a cross, arrived with intentions of uniting with the people. Thus began a journey that was spirit-lead and spirit-filled. Since then, the Laguna people have continued to be religious in their Catholic prayer as well as their cultural and traditional lifestyles."

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