Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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California is just a great state. For as long as I've considered it, I've taken it for granted that I'd eventually be sucked out in its direction. Not only does Silicon Valley draw me in like a moth to flame (a sadly fitting metaphor), but it just has so much to offer. From the deep forests and mountains of the far north, to to foggy Bay Area, secluded oceanic coves, and pristine beaches -- it just has it all. Drive one direction and you're hip-deep in snow, and drive another direction and you're hip deep in saltwater (though the water isn't too much warmer...). Even after circling the world, I'm confident that California will come out on top.

Before the time of The Trip, I made very poor use of my camera. Indeed, it was an impusle purchase in a fit of technophilia. However, some pictures from that dark period of history remain, captured herein.
The drive down to LA from San Fransisco along the coast is wonderful. I had no idea that between San Fransisco and Santa Cruz were huge stretches of protected beaches, complete with private nooks and crannies waiting to be explored. While dining in the town of Davenport the morning after starting my trip, a man replied to my "Have a nice day!" with simply "On a day like today, it'd be hard not to." Some days are just so nice, it's hard not to be happy.
Though I intended to stop in Monterey for a bit, I decided to instead make a bee-line for LA to go visit April. The drive to LA down I-5 is monotonous, as evinced by the lack of pictures. I should have taken a picture of the annoying couple of cars that insisted on driving in both lanes, parallel, very slow. It actually caused me to entertain thoughts of passing on the shoulder, after my repeated attempts to convince them to break their cute symmetry failed. But anyway.

I really liked Hollywood, or the portion if it I saw. I didn't go to the Chinese Theatre or any of the main sites, though I did pass through Beverly Hills. *whistles* They've got some beauties there, and I'm not just talking about the houses.

After LA I thought about visiting the Catalina Islands. I stopped by to check on ferry prices and the availability of hostels, only to find that "cheap" hotels on the island were those "under $100". That didn't fit with my budget, so I hopped on down the coast to San Diego instead.
I spent a couple days on John's couch in San Diego, and they were worth every moment. It's just a great town down there, and I always enjoy visiting. John and I kicked back and watched some Tivo, movies, and generally took it easy. While John was at work, I wanderd about the town and beach, and drank many a cup o' tea.

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