Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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In addition to The Oasis, the cute Santa Fean highly recommended Longevity Cafe. I have to say, it's very nearly the best cup of tea I've ever experienced. I may even beat out my all-time-favorite, Fritz (in San Francisco), but I'll have to think about it more.

Longevity Cafe is a place that just gets it. They've got a huge tea selection, a fantastic menu of herbal infusions, a strong menu of asian foods, and friendly and helpful staff behind the counter. They've got the right music (trancy, mellow world beats), the right lighting, comfortable chairs, plenty of couch space, happy plants, gurgling fountains, beautiful artwork with a consistent theme... I'm not a metaphysical guy by any stretch of the imagination, but this place just radiates positive energy from all corners. It's obvious that a lot of love and hard work went into making this understandbly the first place for a cup of tea Santa Feans recommend.

Oh, and to top it all off, they have 802.11 access and lend out wireless-enabled laptops for free. How cool is that.

The glowing sign draws weary shoppers up the short stairs to its innocuous location on the second-floor.
In the front room is a wide selection of books on meditation, Buddhism, and healthy lifestyles. Proudly displayed on the right, third shelf from the top, is the "Multi-Orgasmic Couple". It appears to be a hot-seller, as there is a stack of copies just its left.
Going along with their selection of tea is an equally huge selection of teapots. Were I not devoid of worldly posessions, I'd love to pick out a set.
Nestled away in the back room are a two comfortable couches, several stuffed chairs, many cozy tables, and a comfy-looking window-nook. Ceiling fans dot the ceiling, and a nice chess board appears to be in almost use.

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