Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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After wandering around the waterfall, I decided to make a longer (2 mile) hike back to the Jemez Warm Springs. I walked and walked, through brush and slush, continaully aware of the sinking sun. I realized I had no idea how long 2 miles was, and didn't know exactly where the springs were (I was informed by other trekkers that they're not marked and not easy to find). I started to doubt whether I had walked far enough or too far, and was concerned about being trapped in the middle of nowhere when the sun sets (for a more tragic ending, please refer to Craig's Yosemite story). Anyway, after saying "If I don't see it around this bend..." for several bends, I decided to turn back. However, I did manage to snap this picture from a rocky outcropping high above the valley below.

Once, when I stopped for breath, I heard a rapid-fire "tock tock" noise from somewhere up ahead. After creeping through the brush for a bit, I managed to catch sight of a real live woodpecker! (Yes, I'm not a very outdoorsy guy, so it was a big find for me.) He's the dark little dot hanging off the right-side of the trunk about a third of the way up.

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