Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Immediately upon entering Santa Fe I asked an extraordinarily cute and friendly (and young) girl for recommendations on what to do and where to eat. At the top of her list for good eats was the The Oasis. After a brutally cold night in my car (which left my toes numb for an hour after waking), I was ready to take up her suggestion.

The Oasis is a completely organic (but not vegeterian) restaurant with a huge menu: breakfast, lunch, and dinner served all-day-long. Upon entering you pick which room in which you'd like to sit, as described below. The food was fantastic, though I completely blew my budget for the day (damn my finite bank account!).

I picked the Mystic Room. Like my freshman dorm room, the Mystic Room is divided into two levels with a loft. Naturally I picked the top, where I leaned back on comfy cushions whilst gorging myself on the absolutely huge breakfast burrito (which I did not finish). As I was wrapping out, someone came in burning some acrid incense. I'm guessing it was "anti-vagabond" incense, as it encouraged me to leave soon thereafter.

Anyway, while there I enjoyed a fine pot of Moroccan Mint. They have a good tea selection, and were very generous with hot-water refills. I'd have liked to come back at night to check out the crowd, but couldn't make it happen.
The MushRoom (or Mushroom Room?), also the smoking room, I'm told gathers quite a crowd in the evening. At the time of this picture, it was filled only with two girls from San Francisco.
Having no immediate need of the romance room, I steered clear to make way for others.
Finally, for those seeking a more traditional experience, there is the main room.

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