Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Though I intended to stop in Monterey for a bit, I decided to instead make a bee-line for LA to go visit April. The drive to LA down I-5 is monotonous, as evinced by the lack of pictures. I should have taken a picture of the annoying couple of cars that insisted on driving in both lanes, parallel, very slow. It actually caused me to entertain thoughts of passing on the shoulder, after my repeated attempts to convince them to break their cute symmetry failed. But anyway.

I really liked Hollywood, or the portion if it I saw. I didn't go to the Chinese Theatre or any of the main sites, though I did pass through Beverly Hills. *whistles* They've got some beauties there, and I'm not just talking about the houses.

After LA I thought about visiting the Catalina Islands. I stopped by to check on ferry prices and the availability of hostels, only to find that "cheap" hotels on the island were those "under $100". That didn't fit with my budget, so I hopped on down the coast to San Diego instead.

In LA I went to visit April, a friend of mine from Dallas. April, who is currently sharing an apartment with her friend, has a balcony with a stunning view of the LA skyline.

April and I go back to, oh, 1998 when we were both sucked into the maelstrom around an amazing girl named Sasha. She and Sasha are at the center of many tales, none of which I have the energy to recount here. Regardless, after a series of mishaps and misadventures, April is now enrolled in a top-notch actor's school (after all, this is Hollywood we're talking about), serves the complex herbal needs of local movie stars at Whole Foods Market, and has an excitable cat named Persephone. Despite a very complex and dramatic history (it took about five hours for her to summarize just the last two years), she has come through quite well, and I have no doubt will have many remarkable achievements.
In my quest for Internet access I stumbled into a Beverly Hills hotel with a great view of the LA skyline. I ordered my Earl Grey, as usual, but was charged the unusually high amount of $4.50 for the privilege of dining with a view. Now that I'm on a budget, I was none-too-pleased. Had I known the stiff cost beforehand, I'd have been much more demanding with refills.
Once back on the road out of LA, I was happy to find that my path hugged the coast all the way to San Diego. I pulled off into one of the many random beach exits and found some nice tide pools and rock formations.
I pulled over at a nameless vista point on the way to San Diego to watch the sunset from a nice bluff. Though the parking lot was fenced off, a small path led around the fence to the "off limits" area below. Presumably it was off-limits due to the 30' cliff faces slowly being cut into the soft dirt by the patient tides, but it was well worth the risk.

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