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"Laguna people believed that they emerged from the underworld of Shi'pop. After this emergence from the Fifth World, they were foretold that they would know their final destination, Kawaike, or natural lake, by the sign of a cross. The cross would indicate the four directions of Creator and Holy Spirit. This sign was witnessed by the people in the year 1699 when a Franciscan Friar, carrying a cross, arrived with intentions of uniting with the people. Thus began a journey that was spirit-lead and spirit-filled. Since then, the Laguna people have continued to be religious in their Catholic prayer as well as their cultural and traditional lifestyles."

Carved upon the lip of the balcony is an inscription which I do not understand. If anyone can translate, I'd love to hear its meaning.

Update: Eric has been so kind as to offer the following:

Se acabo el Ano del 1811, dia 6 de Agosto
"Finished the year of 1811, day 6 of August."
Or more generally, "Established August 6, 1811."

Thanks Eric!
Surrounding the church were a number of ancient homes dating back centuries. Many of these homes are still occupied, though with a few modern amenities.
The wind atop this hill was brutal, with the sand grating at my camera and my eyes.
The church interior was quiet and peaceful -- all the more so from the howling wind outside. Though I later realized I'm not supposed to take pictures inside (sorry God!), they're just too pretty to pass up. Though the church has been renovated and repaired many times, floor, ceiling, walls, and pews look to have seen many sermons over the years.

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