Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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There was an insane crowd dining halfway down the back of the Nevada side. After waiting a long time in line (though not as long as it could have been, because one of the cooks apparently had an unclaimed burger that he was trying to get rid of, which I gladly took), we went to war for a table. It turns out this it was a war of attrition and patience, where everyone "vulched" over tables, waiting for others to leave. Basically every table had a queue of people staking claim to its future use, made this war more one of attrition, where many people simply ate their food or ran out of patience during the wait.

Our table never did free up, though a vulch-vacuum opened up as a neighboring table's claimants got bored and left, and that second table's occupants took pity on us. At about that same time, the snow started coming down very heaviliy, reducing visibility to about 20'. Not in the mood for blind-skiing, we decided to just ignore the angry glares of our appointed vultures and enjoy the warmth of a thousand human bodies packed in like sardines.

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