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The "Blue Rock Shoot" gets its enigmatic name from its previous use in old-town Saratoga as the hip place to skeet shoot. The back deck (shown in the picture) was used to launch the blue "skeets" (aka rocks) out over the tree, where merrigoers would shoot them with big guns. Presumably it happened well before the parking lot (from which the picture was taken) was built, as well as the very nice park behind me, or the multi-million dollar houses which surround the site.

As many know, I meet many people at coffeeshops. However, I must say that this coffeeshop is particularly well suited for meeting others. Of all the places at which I hang out -- and that's a lot of places -- I've met more friends and had more dates with people from this place than all others combined. Not that I have a whole lot of friends, or that I go on too many dates, but still. It's something.

The first person I met at the Blue Rock was Amir: though at the time he was dressed like some heavy-metal drummer, now he looks like he plays tennis at a rich country club. Incidentally, he used to be a heavy-metal drummer, and has since taken up tennis at a rich country club. Amir and I have spent countless hours debating minutae that would bore others to tears -- just hearing the words "morality", "relativism", or "reasonableness" makes us drool.

The Blue Rock Shoot (or, as we locals know it, simply "Blue Rock"), like many things, is past its prime. It recently changed ownership under somewhat mysterious circumstances, and something died with the change. I'm not entirely sure what, but the vibe it had previously cultivated is lost. Amir's theory (a friend that I met at the premises) is that since the liquor license is in the mail (and should arive March 4th, so everyone should turn out and give it a great welcome), the "usuals" are different, and thus the vibe different. That's a good theory, but I think it goes deeper. A quarter of an inch deeper, in fact.

Immediately before the ownership change, they embarked upon a substantial renovative effort, particularly upon the wooden floors. Previously they had this gritty, dirty, old-looking floor. Seeing as how the entire place was trying to cultivate an ancient feel, I thought it went well. However they ground off about the top 1/4", and now it has a bright red and beige look. It's ... [more]
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